Masters of the Company

1979 W C Harris*

1980 W C Harris*

1981 D V Palmer, DL*

1982 R I Sloan, CBE*

1983 A W Higgins, MBE, MC, TD, JP, DL*

1984 J A S Neave, CBE, JP, DL*

1985 F R D Holland*

1986 D A Blaikie, OBE*

1987 J R Redfern*

1988 R H Peet, CBE*   

1999 M J Pickard*    

1989 P R Dugdale, CBE*    

1990 R K Bishop*    

1991 R C W Bardell, OBE*    

1992 J S Greig*    

1993 T Roberts, CBE*    

1994 W J Briggs*    

1995 B V Day, OBE    

1996 C P Harris    

1997 J E Phillips    

1998 P H Purchon*    

2000 D R Losse    

2001 P G Ward    

2002 C A Hart    

2003 M K Bewes    

2004 A P D Lancaster    

2005 R J Taylor    

2006 D E Bland, OBE    

2007 G V Doswell    

2008 M W Cooper-Mitchell*    

2009 G C King    

2010 C G Haslock    

2011 T A Ablett*    

2012 R O Hudson    

2013 B E Masojada    

2014 G G Dickinson    

2015 A J Hubbard    

2016 S R Riley    

2017 T J Carroll    

2018 T R Masters

2019 R F Beaver


Past Masters Book available from the Clerk's office

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