Master Pledges WCI Support to Lord Mayor

Written by   David Worsfold on   06th April 2020

Master Pledges WCI Support to Lord Mayor

The Master, Rosemary Beaver, has said the WCI will continue to support the Lord Mayor and the City’s philanthropic work during and after the pandemic crisis.

She wrote to the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, William and Hilary Russell, late last month as the cancellations of major City events mounted up.

“Today would have been a lovely day for the United Guilds Service and it is sad to think that an event born in the Spirit of the Blitz could not take place as a solace and message of hope for the City of London.

“I imagine as in a small way each Master of a Livery Company has been coming to terms with the impact on our work of Philanthropy, Education and Fellowship, you have also been coming to terms with the impact on your plans to promote Global UK: City of Trade Culture and Innovation.

“I am particularly sad that the Banquet I would have hosted in your honour to promote this cause could not take place. I know that nonetheless you will be fighting the corner for the City and the UK in the coming weeks and months and wanted to send my thoughts and good wishes to you in a most challenging year.

“We will certainly remain committed to our support for City Giving Week in the autumn and I very much intend that we will promote your theme too into the future and beyond as a legacy of your year.”

The Lord Mayor thanked the Master for her support.

“It has been difficult and with the sun shining the United Guilds Service would have happened on a beautiful day. It was not to be …. we are both heartened by the wonderful messages of support. The Livery is a remarkable family to be a part of. As for my year we shall see, my family motto is Que Sera Sera and I have always lived by it”.