Master's Series will lead key industry debates

Written by   David Worsfold on   22nd January 2021

Master's Series will lead key industry debates

The Master’s Series is an exciting addition to the WCI events programme.

Initially, it will be a series of themed virtual discussions, bringing members together to hear from engaging keynote speakers and debate and discuss the issues that really matter to our industry. As the world opens up to allow in person events again, the Master's Series will be able to develop invaluable networking opportunities too.

The Master’s Series is designed to maximize opportunities to contribute, share ideas and network. It springs from Master David Sales' determination to ensure that the key theme of his year is debated, discussed and actioned despite the impossibility of holding in person events at the moment.

"During my year, I want to focus on Nurturing Inclusion and Talent in a challenged and changing world.

"In recent years, we have worked hard to broaden our membership to be truly representative of the diversity of talent in our industry. We want the unique Fellowship of our Company to create a sense of genuine belonging and inclusion for all our members. Importantly, I want to explore how we as a Company can and should be proactive in influencing and leading the debate on this vital issue within the insurance industry."

The launch event will take place on Tuesday, 9 February, starting at 8.45am.

David Sales will be joined by Angela Peacock, CEO of PDT Global and a fellow Livery member. She has a wealth of experience in helping global organisations, advising the CEOs of the world’s biggest insurers on their diversity and inclusion journey. She will lead attendees through her Nine Levers of Leadership’,  practical guide on locking in the benefits of inclusion, that have been proven to work in businesses across the world.

"The session promises to be refreshing, thought provoking and challenging, leaving members with clear ideas of what we need to make happen across our profession if we truly want to see a difference", said David Sales.

During the year, the Master's Series will explore other key issues facing the insurance sector.

Further details and booking information on the first event