The cadets themselves commented on the trip as follows:

“There have been points in the trip where it makes you think about what life actually means. For example on Day 11 of the exercise we were lucky enough to have a once in a lifetime experience. This consisted of the cadets and adults going down to the Daly River and having a welcome to the land ceremony by a village elder – Miriam Rose. This was one of the best parts due to how simple but powerful it was and how special it made us all feel”. 

“Ex Outback Cadet has been a once in a lifetime experience. Not only have I been able to travel to the other side of the world but to see so many places in such a large country was amazing. The lessons I have learnt and experiences I have gained will last a lifetime.” 

“Ex Outback Cadet has been an eye opening and truly unique experience which has allowed myself as a British army cadet to gain an appreciation for the structure and organisation of a foreign cadet force, such as the Australian army cadet force. Not only have I learned new and applicable skills, but I have also gained new experiences which will stay with me for a lifetime” 

May I on behalf of all the participants thank the Master and Company for their most generous support which enabled the cadets (and their Adult staff) to experience this once in a lifetime trip and make new friends which is one of the key outcomes.

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